How to make a music group known

Since the origins of the internet, music groups have used the net to publicize their songs and promote their music. With the MySpace boom, alternative ways have been opened up to make a music group known.

All musical projects start with 4P’s basic that surely you already know well: pick, shovel, passion, and perseverance.

How to make a music group known

The importance of your website

Create your own online reputation. You can start by creating a page that helps your fans or those who have listened to your music get to you.
Why is it positive to start here? Imagine that you’ve got someone to listen to your music and recommend it. You will have many more opportunities to make your band known if you have a site of your own where they can find some more information about you or your band.
Update it with your latest news and be constant in the day to day. Publish new concerts, albums, or any news that may be of interest to your visitors.

Social networks

Nowadays social networks play a fundamental role in the promotion of a music group. If your audience is on these digital platforms, why shouldn’t you be?
Take advantage of each of the features provided by social networks to promote your concerts or simply your music. Have a look at this article where you will be able to know some of the main opportunities offered by each of the social networks.
In this infographics, you can find the uses of each one of the social networks and the most shared material in them.

The format of your contents
Nowadays the video format is one of the most demanded by users. Social networks like Youtube or Vimeo can be the support for these contents. Don’t be afraid to publish videos of your group, an essay or a live performance.
Use the new platforms to promote and publicize your music group. In this sense, SoundCloud or the well-known and renewed MySpace can be of great help. This will enable your users to have your tracks at hand and enjoy them more directly.

Distribute your music

There are new platforms that will allow you to make your music available to your fans and where you can set a price. BandCamp is one of those platforms that allows you to market your songs.
In order to make your music reach the main media of the sector, you will have to work hard and send your recordings waiting to be published. Although before it was necessary to send a CD, now you will be able to use the different platforms that we have been commenting, where you will be able to upload your music and share the link.

If what you are looking for is to take the leap to the stage and you need to sell your tickets, in Evenbrite you can create your own event and start selling tickets for your concert.

Rehearsal, rehearsal and rehearsal

With this point, we want to remember those famous 4 p’s of the beginning: pick, shovel, passion and perseverance. The effort is paramount to achieve your goals. Behind all this, there are many rehearsals and work to get to know your music group.

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